NORDIC membership is open to all who meet the qualifications below:

  • Neuro-ophthalmologists who are full members of NANOS or, if not, have completed a Neuro-ophthalmology fellowship or have comparable clinical experience
  • International NANOS members who (1) are English-speaking, (2) are able to obtain coverage from an Institutional Review Board (Human Ethics Committee), (3) use email and have internet access, and (4) for longitudinal studies, demonstrate the ability to maintain subjects in follow-up
  • General ophthalmologists or neurologists or optometrists who are experienced in Neuro-ophthalmologic diseases with an active Neuro-ophthalmology practice will be considered for each study if they can demonstrate to the EC basic knowledge of the clinical disorder under investigation, basic clinical skills required, and can follow the Study procedures and protocol.
  • For a specific study that overlaps with another subspecialty research group such as the pediatric ophthalmologists (for an adult strabismus or juvenile glioma study) or the ocular plastic surgeons (for the Thyroid Eye Disease study), potential site investigators must agree to follow the NORDIC Network guidelines and may be granted Investigator status for the given Study.
  • Each Investigator must have a clinical facility and administrative staff that can support each study protocol including standardized light box, EDTRS charts, trial lens for refraction, examination lane (4 meters long), and a Humphrey computerized perimeter with SITA software, and a fundus camera approved by the Photo  Reading Center (PRC).  For specific studies, additional equipment will be required.
  • Clinical scientists, biostatisticians, or epidemiologists can contribute to protocol development and conduct but will not be study Investigators.
  • Because NORDIC studies will include a wide variety of systemic, ophthalmologic, and neurological disorders, for a specific study, Investigators who do not specifically have expertise in Neuro-ophthalmology may be included after certifying on the study protocol and procedures and all NORDIC policies. 

Specific requirements will exist for an Investigator to participate in each protocol. Each Study Steering Committee, in consultation with the Network Chair and the DCBC Director, is responsible for developing certification requirements and approving investigators for that protocol. A NORDIC member can elect to participate in any or all studies for which he or she meets the certification requirements. As NORDIC evolves, Investigators may be required to participate in at least one study to maintain active membership.

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